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The people of Connections Therapy Center are committed to helping the children and adolescents and families they serve achieve success – both in therapy and in their daily lives. Nothing makes our staff members happier than the smiling face of a child who has just reached a new milestone. Maintaining this level of dedication requires the right people: therapists, support staff and leadership.

Connections Therapy Center performs a unique, exhaustive search to attract top-notch leadership talent capable of fostering our mission and values, while developing our multidisciplinary approach to working with children and adolescents, adolescents, and their families. Our leaders have practiced in various pediatric settings throughout the United States and around the globe. Our leadership team is committed to:

  • Accelerating progress through parent education and home program development
  • Providing excellence and value for our services through flexible, scheduling, neighborhood locations, and competitive pricing
  • Continuing to improve and provide extensive and specialized training and education to our staff
  • Collaborating with local agencies to improve service delivery
  • Doing things differently where measurable results are evident

Our licensed behavior analysts have senior-level experience and specialize in helping children and adolescents with special needs from birth through adolescence. Experiencing milestone moments with a child gives us joy and renews our commitment to helping children and adolescents with special needs every day. We value:

  • Excellence and attention to detail
  • Relationships and making connections
  • Positivity and enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Clear, open communication
  • Fun, warmth, and play
If you would like to learn more about our leadership opportunities, please contact us.
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