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Success Stories

Connections Therapy Center has been treating children and adolescents, birth to age 18, since 2008. Read about some of our success stories and parent comments:

“The therapists encourage him to work through things that he may feel he can’t do or may be afraid to do. They treat him as if he is family, and the atmosphere is very warm. I had concerns about my son’s development and had him evaluated at other places, but when I came here the staff really listened to my concerns and diagnosed him quickly and accurately. I cannot put into words how pleased I am to receive service here.”

“I love the staff and the services they provide. Welcome to the Connections Family.”

“My son loves his OT. She learned his personality early on and has been able to get him to work consistently with her. He has had an OT for about eight years and has worked with several of them; this is the first time he’s been able or willing to actually participate and do the work.”

“The therapists are empathetic, accommodating and competent. They are also very willing to work with school personnel. Also, my son knows other staff members well, and they are always so friendly to him.”

“The number one thing I love first and foremost is that all of my son’s therapists show and prove that they care and love him as their own. He is not just another case or paycheck; they all care for him and me. They explain with clarity anything I don’t understand. And no question is a stupid question with them. We are very happy!”

“As long as you show that you want the help for your child, The Connections Therapy Center will welcome you into their family. I love what they have given my son and me. HOPE!!!!”

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