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What to Expect From Your ABA Provider

What to Expect From Your ABA Provider connections therapy center

Parents should always ask themselves if they trust the ABA provider as a key partner in their child’s development.

Choosing the right Applied Behavior Analysis therapy provider is a critical decision. Much like deciding on childcare, a doctor, or a school, this decision can impact your child’s life in some long-lasting ways. Parents should always ask themselves if they trust the provider as a key partner in their child’s development. The hard-to-answer question is, “What should my expectations be?” It is essential to know what to expect when receiving ABA services. Here are a few things to expect from an ABA provider to ensure you make the best decision for your family.

Clear Communication

If you enroll your child in ABA, you should expect that you can come and observe a session at any time. Needing to schedule an observation or only seeing your child in one room the entire time can be red flags. The ABA therapy center should uphold an open-door policy and communicate clearly. Communication is key for any relationship to work. At a minimum, your child’s ABA therapists should provide weekly information about your child’s progress, center announcements, program updates, or any information regarding the ABA center.

Progress Reports

ABA therapists use various methods to measure progress, such as data collection, behavior tracking, and regular assessments. These tools help objectively measure your child’s skills and behaviors over time and provide valuable information for adjusting the treatment plan. They should review this data daily to see if there’s a specific trend. The ABA therapist should also give you easy access to this data so that you can see what skills to work on at home.

Research-Based Techniques

Your child’s ABA therapy center should provide individualized treatments they researched in a single-subject design. Humans are different. We all have our strengths and challenges. Therefore, a treatment that works for one child may not work for another. So, your child’s ABA center must work directly with them to ensure they’re meeting their unique goals.

When conducting research, professionals will identify common traits among learners and replicate the research. The interventions that the center’s team implements must stem from an accredited study.

Parent Training

Although ABA programs aim to help your child master developmental and behavioral skills, your child’s therapy center should always encourage your family to continue teaching at home. Your child should be able to demonstrate their skills with their therapist and in other settings. Your ABA provider should include the parents and caregivers in sessions to demonstrate different activities and techniques you can implement outside the center. This way, your child will be able to retain the information better, and you will have more knowledge on how to understand and support them.

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