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Family Resources

By centering our care on the child and the family, we can achieve results not only during therapy sessions, but at home and in the community. We take a holistic approach to therapy, identifying and working on goals that apply directly to each child’s unique challenges and needs. We foster a warm, nurturing environment and interactive care between therapy specialists to provide the best possible care for the child. Our administrative staff and therapists are dedicated to helping your child, your family, and you in every way they possibly can.

What to Expect

Our approach to working with children and adolescents with special needs begins with the evaluation phase, helping us determine your child’s individual needs and the desired outcomes from therapy. From there, we develop a therapy plan to help them reach that outcome as quickly as possible. A comprehensive intervention plan may involve multiple disciplines of therapy and requires involvement from the child’s family, caregivers and physician.
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Billing & Insurance

Part of helping improve the lives of children and adolescents with special needs is making life easier for their parents. We understand how challenging the insurance process can be. We can help you navigate the complexities of insurance claims and reimbursement programs.
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Parent Forms

On your first visit, you will need to complete a Case History and Patient Information form on your child. These forms can be downloaded and completed prior to your appointment.
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