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What to Expect

When your child begins a program at Connections Therapy Center, we make a commitment to helping your child succeed, and making their lives easier at home and in the community. We develop a plan that is individually tailored to your child’s needs. We work with parents, families and caregivers to ensure that the child receives consistent support.

We are the leading therapy practice specializing in serving children and adolescents with special needs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Working with children and adolescents with special needs is all we do, and we are the very best at it.

Our Treatment Process

Evaluating Your Child’s Needs

The first step to helping your child succeed is evaluating their needs. After receiving a referral, we will schedule an evaluation so one of our therapists can assess your child’s needs. We know how children and adolescents develop – how they move, eat and play. The evaluation phase of treatment is crucial in achieving the best possible results, and if your child has developmental delays, early intervention from birth to age three produces the best results. Early intervention allows therapists to work with your child through the crucial stages of gross and fine motor, oral and language development.

Therapy Plan

Once we’ve completed our evaluation, our interdisciplinary team will meet to review the results and develop an individualized therapy plan to help the child achieve the best results in the shortest timeframe possible, while still being reasonable and practical. The therapy plan is about more than just the child’s success in a therapeutic setting. Our goal is to make life easier for your child and your family, at home and in the community.

Comprehensive Intervention Plan

Your child’s therapy plan is then sent to your referring physician for review and signature. Once that is complete, we can begin a comprehensive intervention plan. A comprehensive intervention program will include input from other caregivers, and may involve several therapeutic disciplines. As therapy progresses and you begin to see improvement in your child’s skills, progress reports will be provided to you as well as to your child’s physician so all parties are informed of the successes that are taking place. We welcome feedback and involvement from all parties interested in the child’s care and progress.

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