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4 Qualities of a Good Occupational Therapist

4 Qualities of a Good Occupational Therapist connections therapy center

When you take your child to see an occupational therapist, you want to ensure they are a good fit.

Occupational therapy is of great value in addressing the underlying issues in cognitive, physical, social, and motor skills seen in autism spectrum disorder. With a focus on developing important life skills, an occupational therapist keeps your child interested and engaged in appropriate activities. When you take your child to see an occupational therapist, you want to ensure they are a good fit for your child and their needs. Good occupational therapy can be life-changing for many children. So what makes a good occupational therapist? Let’s explore some of the qualities of a good occupational therapist. 

Great Communication Skills

Your child’s occupational therapists need to have excellent communication skills. They constantly communicate with clients, their families, and other healthcare professionals. Therefore, occupational therapists should articulate themselves clearly and effectively through all avenues and to various audiences. 

In addition, occupational therapists should be good listeners as they must listen to clients’ concerns, symptoms, and treatment goals. They should be able to communicate complex medical terms, home exercise programs, and strategies. These concepts must be explained clearly so everyone can easily understand them regardless of age or cognitive ability. 


Working with children can be unpredictable and possibly stressful. Sometimes, occupational therapists might have to treat impatient, frustrated, or stubborn patients, and they need to treat them with a smile, and the same amount of effort as any other patient. Some clients may succeed within a few sessions, while others may take years. A good occupational therapist is patient with all types of clients and their routes to recovery.

Compassion and Empathy

Occupational therapy would be challenging for someone who lacks compassion or empathy. It is important for a therapist to connect with their patients’ personal, emotional, and physical struggles. Children need a genuinely warm-hearted and sympathetic occupational therapist who understands them and treats them accordingly. They should avoid judgment or negative remarks and make the patient feel accepted.

Problem Solving Skills

Creative problem-solving is an essential skill for every occupational therapist. There is no template for therapy, and each client is unique. They have distinct goals, different problems, fears, and varying motivations. This requires special strategies to ensure clients reach their treatment goals as fast as their circumstances allow. Additionally, treatment sessions often require spontaneous adaptations based on available equipment, the client’s ability, or mood. The best and most experienced occupational therapists always encourage their clients to achieve their maximum potential. 

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