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Recreational Music Therapy For Children With Disabilities

Recreational Music Therapy For Children With Disabilities

Music is a powerful tool that can serve as a form of therapy for children with disabilities.

Music is a powerful form of human expression. Regardless of your age, gender, or background, there is something so captivating about music. It brings joy to millions of people every single day. With that said, music can serve as a great form of recreational therapy. Here some reasons why music is frequently used as a tool for children with disabilities.

It Can Motivate

It can sometimes be difficult to motivate a child with special needs. However, music can serve as a great motivational tool. Most children enjoy listening and playing music. For this reason, expose them to a few different instruments. More than likely, they will take a liking to at least one of them. Playing an instrument is a great way for a child to develop necessary motor skills. Also, you can use music when your child is working on a difficult task. For example, try asking them to sing along to a song with you when they are working on a puzzle. They will be more likely to complete certain tasks if you find ways to incorporate music.

Music Uses Several Senses

This form of recreational therapy is great because it requires the use of several senses. In order to learn an instrument, a child must watch, listen, and use their sense of touch. Their visual, auditory, and tactile system will be working harmoniously to learn this new skill. It doesn’t need to be a difficult instrument. It could just be a simple maraca that the child shakes along to a beat.

Can Be Nonverbal

There are many children who are struggling to communicate verbally. It can be extremely frustrating for a child who can’t express themselves through words. Sometimes, the best form of expression for a child is through music. Instead of using words, a child can communicate and connect with others with sound. It can sometimes serve as a better means of communication for children with disabilities.

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