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Could Your Child Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Here are some signs that your child might need some help through physical therapy.

One of the best parts of parenting is getting to see your child grow and develop as a person. During these formative years, it’s crucial to make sure that your child is heading on the right path for their health. Many parents might not have considered physical therapy for their child, but if they have an issue it’s better to address it while they’re young. Here are some signs that your child might need some help through physical therapy.

Bad Posture

Perhaps the most common physical therapy concern for both children and adults is posture. Slouching when walking or sitting can be because of a weak core, and this bad posture can also affect the spine. By contrast, if you notice your child walking on their tip-toes everywhere, then they could have unusual muscle tightness. Taking your child to a physical therapist for posture correction is an excellent way to help them avoid long-term health issues later in life.

Struggling on the Stairs

Usually, the threshold age for a child being able to go up and down the stairs effectively is age four. That means climbing the stairs without needing the handrail and using only one foot on each step. If you notice that your child steps both feet on the step at a time before moving to the next one, this could be a warning sign of a balance or coordination issue. Physical therapy can help your child build strength, which can give them balance to climb the stairs safely.

Awkward Sitting

Since children are naturally more flexible than adults, they can usually sit on the floor comfortably. If you notice your child sitting in a slightly awkward position, that could be a sign of a problem. For example, when your child sits criss-cross, if they have to lean on one arm, it could mean that their core isn’t strong enough to support them. Another commonly awkward position is “W” sitting. Instead of sitting on their knees with their legs under them, they might sit with their legs folded out on either side of them, making a “W” shape. It’s important for a child to develop core strength because of how it affects fine motor skills.

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