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Sensory Toys for Children with Autism

sensory toys for children with autism connections therapy center

Sensory toys are becoming more and more common in helping children with autism.

Sensory toys are becoming more and more common in helping children with autism. There are many different types of sensory toys out there, each appealing to one or more of the senses. Sensory toys work to engage a child’s senses in an enjoyable way. Sensory toys are great for developing fine and gross motor skills, calming anxiety and frustration, and engaging with others. These activities are completed throughout the day to release brain chemicals on a regular basis to maintain regulation. Here are a few great sensory toys for children.

Sensory Mats

Sensory mats are small mats that each feature a unique surface. Encourage your child to use their hands or feet to touch and play with the different types of textures. The child can even close their eyes and go through the different mats while you ask them to describe what they feel.


Playdough is a great toy for improving dexterity and finger strength. Have your child roll the playdough into circles or worms to help build their bilateral hand coordination. Using playdough with playdough scissors is a great way for children to practice their early cutting skills without worrying about them using the scissors on anything else.

Chew Toys

Some children with autism have a sensory need to chew on things. Chew toys are great to give to your child to keep them from putting anything harmful into their mouth. Chew toys are made of a non-toxic silicone material and come in a variety of shapes. They can be hand-held objects or jewelry-like pieces worn around the neck or wrist. They come in various textures, from dots, ridges, and patterns, or they can be smooth as well. These toys help to develop biting and chewing skills, as well as provide sensory stimulation.

Slime, Sand, and Putty

These toys allow your child to play while also developing fine motor skills. Children can play with the sand or slime alone, or they can incorporate other objects as well. Such as buttons or small toys. Also, the toys are often brightly colored, appealing to their visual senses.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have become very popular in recent years. They are used to help children that fidget with their hands or fingers. Using the fidget spinners allows children to focus better on tasks or in school. The smooth and fast rotation of the spinners is enjoyable for many children, and many different designs are available.

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