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Special Programs

In addition to our primary therapy disciplines, Connections Therapy Center offers a series of unique programs to benefit the children and adolescents and families we serve.

Family/Parent Training

Connections Therapy Center offers a variety of training sessions for our families that not only help them connect with other families, but that also equips them with a variety of tools to help them manage the day-to-day tasks associated with raising a child with special needs. Our training sessions aim to cover common topics that are important to special families including, but not limited to, finding local physicians and doctors that can meet your child’s needs, what to do when your child refuses to brush his teeth, how to encourage your preteen to be more independent, and get your child’s school team to listen to your concerns. Presenters will include the professionals from Connections Therapy Center as well as invited guests. Families will have the opportunity to connect with professionals and ask questions.

Educational Navigation

Connections Therapy Center offers navigation of the Individualized Education Plan process for children and adolescents with special needs and their families. Our Special Education Consultants offer a wide range of support to help families understand the IEP process such as understanding timelines, reviewing goals, reviewing behavior plans, documenting communication with the IEP team, understanding the role of the team members on the IEP team, getting their voice heard, and identifying the time for bringing in an advocate.

Second Opinion Evaluations

Connections Therapy Center offers a second look at evaluations that have been conducted by other clinicians and offer a second opinion if you still have those unanswered questions. Families face tough challenges on a daily basis and may need the support of a trusted clinician to help answer and explain professional jargon or lingo. The professional will review the evaluation and meet with the parent to explain what was recommended and explore if the parent would like us to conduct a second evaluation.

Developmental Screenings

Connections Therapy Center offers developmental screenings to parents and caregivers who have concerns about a child’s development. This type of screening allows families to be rest assured that either there is no reason to be concerned or that our team of specialists can guide them in the right direction for getting the support their child needs. Our team of specialists are able to screen the following areas: speech and language, social skill, motor, educational/academic, behavior, and mental health.

Connections Therapy Center is the top therapy practice focused entirely on children and adolescents with special needs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, including northern Virginia, Prince George’s County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

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