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3 Steps to Positivity

Here are some steps that you can take to bring positivity into your child’s life.

Every child has been shown to thrive more with positivity. As a parent, you know the importance of encouraging your child. But the question is helping that encouragement sink in when your child could face a lot of negative influences in the world. Here are some steps that you can take to bring positivity into your child’s life.

Specific Encouragement

It’s a good thing to tell a child that they did a great job or that they’re special. And specificity is key to helping your child know that you truly mean it. You can tell them how they specifically did well, like saying they made a great shot in a basketball game. For younger children, even something as simple as complimenting a shirt they chose when they dressed themselves can mean a lot.

Avoid Comparison

One of the worst things for self-esteem in children and adults is comparison. The problem is that comparison can easily slip in. Children are raised in a competitive environment whether or not we realize it, and they are rated by their grades and how well they do in extracurricular activities like sports. That’s why when you encourage your child, emphasize how important they are in terms of their own unique talents, and not someone else’s.

The Effort Counts

Whether or not your child has a disability or is struggling in school, there could be times when your child gets discouraged, and you don’t know what to say. An important thing to remember is the value of your child’s effort. Even if they don’t score well on a test, if they tried and studied really hard, then that means that they had the motivation and a good work ethic. You can compliment them for trying and remind them that as long as they keep working towards the goal, they will succeed.

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