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How To Enjoy Snow Days With Your Special Needs Child

How To Enjoy Snow Days With Your Special Needs Child

Try out these snow day activities with your child in 2019!

We are in the thick of the winter season, and we should generally expect at least a few snowy days in Maryland and surrounding states. Children love snow days because it means they are off from school and are in store for a day of fun activities. If you have a child with special needs, here are just a few activities you can do with them on snow days!


Instead of breaking out the snowblower, why not grab a couple of shovels and ask for some assistance from your child? This is an excellent opportunity for your child to develop some upper body strength in a productive manner. Many children like feeling like they are helping their parents clear off their driveways and sidewalks because it gives them fulfillment.


Even with the availability of technology such as cell phones, computers, and video games, children today still love to go sledding! It is fun for children of all ages. With your permission and supervision, your child can enjoy the snow by cruising down a moderately steep hill. This is a fun activity that your child can do with their friends and siblings.

Board Games

After a few hours of playing in the snow, your child will need to come inside and take a break from the cold weather. A great way to warm up is to pour them a mug of hot chocolate and play a fun board game with them! Board games are great because it encourages children to practice counting and taking turns. It is a fun way for a child to work on their social skills. Also, crafts are another way to take a break after spending a lot of time outside in the snow. You can encourage your child to make something for a family member as a gift, and that should keep them busy for a while.

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