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How to Help Your Child Cope in Stressful Circumstances

It can be easy with all the stress in the world for it to take a toll on your child. Whether it is sudden changes in routine or, they pick up on the anxiety of the adults in their life. Fortunately, it is easy to help them feel better once you develop some coping strategies. If you find yourself spending more time at home with your child lately, then you have an opportunity to practice coping skills with them.

Have a Talk

The first thing you can do is start by having a conversation with your child about how they’re feeling. Sometimes, when children are anxious, they might become withdrawn and keep their fears to themselves. Let your child know that they can always come to you with their concerns. If you sense that your child is easily intimidated by having to talk with adults, then you can start by asking a few open-ended questions to encourage them to open up.

Practice Deep Breathing

Although it sounds simple, deep breathing is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to temporarily relieve anxiety. Sit with your child and practice deep breathing together. All you need to do is breathe in slowly through the nose until you fill up your lungs and then breathe out just as slowly through the mouth. This technique gets the most oxygen to the brain, and it will help improve mood.

Rest and Exercise

Both adults and children with anxiety will often have trouble sleeping. This creates a cynical cycle of tiredness throughout the day and restlessness at night. Exercise is a great way to improve mood and contribute to better rest. Numerous studies over the years have pointed to the connection between exercise and releasing positive endorphins in the brain. By exercising, your child will have a healthy outlet for anxious energy, which will make them feel happier and be able to rest better. The exercise can be as simple as taking a walk or dancing to a favorite song.

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