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Special Events and Programs for Families

Summer Camp

Come to our interest meeting to learn more. Click here for interest meeting details.

Social Skills for Teens and Tweens

Click here for more info on our social skills classes and scholarship opportunities. Register today!

Fall Community Coffee Social Hour

Join us for information sharing during these mini-workshops. Enjoy a cup of coffee while learning practical tips. Click here for more information. Register today!

Connections Tot Gym

This is a natural environment for infants and toddlers, ages birth to 5, to experience developmental learning in key domains including speech, language, social skills, plus fine and gross motor. Through a series of classes (such as Fun with Food and Bringing Books to Life), youngsters engage in age-appropriate activities with their caregivers under the guidance of a facilitator. Speech, physical, behavior, occupational therapists and special instructors join the class to add extra support as need. Register today or contact us for details.

Connections Tutoring Academy

Coming soon…! We are in the process of developing a tutoring center for students with disabilities. Students will have the opportunity to work with qualified professionals in 1-1 sessions or small groups to develop and improve skills in a variety of academic areas. Click here to express your interest in getting updates for the tutoring academy.

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