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Top Therapy Toys for Sensory Play

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Therapy putty helps children to exercise muscles while increasing alertness.

Therapy toys for children with special needs weren’t easy to come by several decades ago. Today, it’s almost overwhelming to choose between all the therapy toy options available! While every individual child has different, personal needs, some therapy toys have proven to be very popular with many children. Here are a few of the best therapy toys on the market.

Therapy Putty

If your child struggles with fine motor skills or simply needs something to do with her hands, try therapy putty! There are several different kinds of therapy putties that you can use during sensory play to suit your child’s needs. Extricating small figurines from therapy putty proves to be a great exercise that keeps children entertained. Therapy putty that’s scented with essential oils works well at stimulating both your child’s sense of touch and sense of smell. Glow-in-the-dark therapy putty is fun to watch as your child plays with it in the dark.


Chew toys, or chewies, come in all shapes and sizes! Your child can wear their chewie as a fashionable yet functional necklace or take a chewie pencil topper to school. Chewies come in different hardnesses for different types of chewers. Chewies also come in different shapes for different sensory needs.

Tangle Sensory Fidget

Sensory fidgets from Tangle Creations have proven to be hugely popular with children with autism or sensory processing disorder. This toy eases fidgety feelings and provides comfort and relaxation. It is also great for children who need to exercise their muscles and motor skills! The Tangle sensory fidget is easy to grip and promotes movement in the fingers and wrists.

Sensory Sack

A sensory sack provides a comforting place for children to crawl into and feel stimulated. A sensory sack provides pressure and resistance to stimulate your child and take her from hyper to calm, sad to happy, and distracted to alert. Plus, a sensory sack can be easily folded up and taken with you on vacation or to the babysitter’s house.

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